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Hi! I am a Marine Corps wife and stay at home mommy to a beautiful little boy, Logan. I am originally from Michigan and received my Bachelors Degree from Central Michigan University. I spent my whole life with the dream of being a Disney animator and spent a semester working at Walt Disney World but somehow wound up with a concentration in Recreation Management, with only a minor in Art. Though I still love to draw... and write! I am currently working on my childrens story and do some free lance graphic design work. I'm a Parrothead, and live through Jimmy Buffett's lyrics! I've been to 46 states and after all I've seen, no place makes me happier than the beach. Florida beaches have my heart! Traveling is what I live for, I've been lucky to have lived in Florida, and Arizona, where I started my family and now we are currently stuck in Georgia. Dreaming of the day my husband and I can retire and live on a boat! :)

Roots, Rock, Reggae


Roots, Rock, Reggae

In your life expect some trouble, when you worry you make it double… don’t worry, be happy!


Pregnancy– Not the End of the World!

So I thought I’d try something a little different this time around.  Wouldn’t it be fun to keep a record for the next year to show our next child someday?  Poor Logan, I hope this doesn’t make you jealous! This baby can know all of the craziness that goes on in my head when I think about having another child. Scary thought, right? I couldn’t imagine loving another baby aside from my Logan, however according to other parents of more than one child, I suppose it just happens. Truth is, Edgar and I already love our next baby so much we refer to her in name, Sierra Marisol. This is the name we have selected for a girl, however if we have another little boy we are up a creek without a paddle… no names in mind whatsoever. We just knew Logan was going to be a boy, maybe that will happen this time around and Logan will have his own baby sister.

Logan amazes me everyday, today picked up all his toys one by one, placing the cars in the cars box, the books in the books box and all of the other small toys in the bucket. Then he sits in his chair and awaits for Daddy to bring him his ham’n’cheese quesadilla. See, Mommy being OCD has helped my baby become a clean and tidy young man who’s obsessed with washing his hands/playing in the sink.

Is the world going to end on 12.12.12? If so, I suppose I’ll be in the hospital. Where better to be if a comet strikes and causes massive injury to mankind? Gay! Not happening! Wouldn’t it be a pip if this kid turned up to be a 12.12.12. baby? Happy Birthday Logan lol! I know things can happen and this may not go as planned but none the less, this spring we will try for another baby. No matter the sex, no matter the day, no matter where… I’m excited to start getting into my best pre-prego shape so I can get into a routine for my entire pregnancy and avoid the 72lb weight gain like last time around. I blame a huge part of that on my thyroid getting knocked out of whack… now that it is under control and I have a steady set of doctors, I have no doubt my pregnancy will be the best it can be… physical appearance can always be altered… baby is #1 priority… don’t worry, I’m not as vein as I sound.

So, is that it? Did I just “BLOG”? Look at me keeping up with the cool kids…

Playground with Mommy and Daddy 12/11/11